Roald Dahl Day, celebrated on 13 September, was a perfect opportunity to reintroduce books that have inspired children for generations. Renowned for creating characters that are loved by all: from the eccentric Mr Fox and the Grand High Witch to the extraordinary, yet easily relatable, Matilda, James and Charlie, Roald Dahl has a book perfect for everyone!

Why not see how many Roald Dahl books you can read in a week, especially if there are any titles you haven’t picked up yet. There are well over 40 books and short story collections – over 20 aimed at children – so there’s plenty to choose from!

We brought the magic of Roald Dahl to Oak Tree High School with our chocolate themed bake sale, quizzes throughout the day and our large collection of Roald Dahl’s classics in the School Library (available throughout the week)!

Some of our students catching up on their favourite Roald Dahl books!
Some independent reading during form time.