Oak Tree High School is a progressive, successful and deeply caring establishment, where our aim is to provide an excellent academic education within the structure of the national syllabus, but allowing our learners to grow and be confident within their Religion and British culture. We enable our learners to be ambassadors of the school whom not only will champion their identity as British Muslims but to display their respect and tolerance for other cultures and faiths.

The school strives to build and promote Islamic and British values encouraging all members of the school community to develop relationships which reflect the schools Islamic values.

It is the aim of OTHS to nurture young Muslimahs who will embody all that is good within religion: ‘To foster a spirit of respect and community service for the wider community.’ We believe this will mirror British values of embodying diversity and tolerance. We believe here at OTHS that learners will appreciate diverse viewpoints; participate, volunteer and cooperate; resolve conflict; engage with the fundamental values of British democracy.

At OTHS we pride ourselves on the shared values we hold as Muslims and being British.

We believe that Islamic values and British Values both go hand in hand with one another; both values are shared and are there to enrich our lives as Muslim British Citizens.

We at OTHS not only teach our children these shared values but we implement the Islamic and British values into our everyday lives which ensures young people understand the importance of respect and leave school fully prepared for life in modern Britain

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