If you’ve located one of our balloons please let us know where below in the comments section!

Oak Tree High School students marked the end of Anti-Bullying Week with a brilliant balloon launch event today, sharing messages of love and kindness.

Oak Tree High School has been actively involved with the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors charity. We spent the week raising awareness in assemblies, during form time and registration sessions, through the bake sale fundraising and a non-uniform day, all students and staff came together to send a message of solidarity against bullying.

Bullying is wrong, unacceptable and has no place in our school or society. We teach children how to deal with it if ever they are in the situation where they are the victims of bullying or if they see bullying taking place.
This message is part of our core beliefs in school but this week has had a higher profile to tie in with national Anti-Bully week.

The event was coordinated by the Anti-bullying ambassadors team. Each child released a balloon to signify that we say no to bullies. We want to track the journey of our balloon and see how far our messages spread.

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