Oak Tree High School is looking to take a lead role in E-learning. Our aim is to invest in ICT equipment, installing Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the school. All teaching rooms are equipped with the digital projectors and there is a standalone PC in every classroom.

Science Lab

The science lab  is a vehicle to enhance pupils’ understanding of Science.  With our current layout, granite surfaces, non-slip flooring and a digital projector the lab is not modern, yet it is a safe place to challenge those inquisitive minds through various experiments.

Prayer Facilities

Pupils perform their Salah in dedicated rooms. Thus pupils are able to carry out their religious observance without any intimidation.

Extended Schools Services

Oak Tree High School is keen to develop an extended schools programmes that will help raise achievement, support families and build the local community. The extended schools programme is part of a nation initiative which is aimed at raising students standards through a range of activities.

Throughout this year we will be developing extra-curricular activities. The School is wanting to work with parents and also is looking to develop a working relationship with other local schools and services. This service is designed to help meet the needs of students, their families and the wider community.

We consult with parents and the local community to develop a programme that meets local needs. The school regularly informs parents and the wider community of the availability of the school facilities for future activities.

How to Become

We are pleased to announce a partnership with How2Become who  is a leading careers and educational information website. How2Become aims to help students through their studies and into their chosen job sector. It provides information for anybody who want to become a police officer? game designer? solicitor? teacher? Whatever is your desired career, How to Become 2 are here to help. Find your career with How2Become today

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