Ofsted during their full inspection in October 2018 classed OTHS as inadequate and commented on the following areas:

  • The proprietor does not ensure that the school consistently meets the independent school standards or that policies are implemented well.
  • The executive committee has been too slow to act to prevent a further decline in standards at the school.
  • Pupils enjoy selecting books from the library; however, leaders are unable to say whether they choose books appropriate to their abilities and whether this improves pupils’ reading skills.
  • Leaders do not ensure that pupils’ progress is measured from their starting points well enough.

The school has the following strengths

  • The proprietor, who is also the headteacher, is committed to improving the school and the quality of education for the pupils.
  • Pupils are very polite, welcoming and want to do well at school. Pupils’ attendance and behaviour are good.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

  • The school must take action to meet the requirements of the schedule to the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014 and associated requirements. The details are listed in the full report. .

Please click links below for the relevant OFSTED Reports

Standard Inspection Nov 2016

Progress Monitoring Inspection Nov 2017

Progress Monitoring Inspection Mar 2018

Full Inspection October 2018
Additional Inspection July 2019

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