Careers Education and Guidance

Apart from the obvious, there are so many reasons why OTHS is a good choice for your daughter. Established in September 2011, OTHS is still true to its original objective of the school’s existence. “To provide an outstanding educational experience guided by our Islamic ethos and values.”


Oak Tree High School was founded and established 2011, to cater for the needs of girls within our communities. The first set of students opened the school in the shape of Year 7 and 8. A close knit community of around 25 young girls was formed. Originally the school offered only the main curriculum subjects, with a much shorter school day. Facilities were minimal; however due to the enthusiasm and commitment of students and teachers, provision was always made where there were shortfalls. This has resulted in a school that OTHS is today! Over the years, the school has built up a reputation and is now renowned for taking a pro-active approach within the wider community. The School recognises that the need to educate women to have strong healthy Islamic values to enable them to contribute to the wider society in Britain. This will remain forever our priority.

Tarbiyah Programme

The School has developed a Tarbiyah programme to develop Islamic morals and manners in all its students and staff. Various strands such as fortnightly topics, assemblies and speeches by our local guests have been introduced in a way that helps students to fulfil their roles and responsibilities in accordance with the noble ways of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).


We endeavour to promote and encourage good behaviour through a variety of means, immediate praise being one of the most effective. Our code of conduct is based on the Islamic principles of piety (Taqwa), good manners and respect of fellow beings. The school expects its pupils to behave in a responsible and respectable manner both inside and outside of the school.

Success and Achievement

Our students have demonstrated great levels of motivation and dedication. They are fully involved in school life and after school commitment to develop a positive reaction and a sound environment.

Pastoral Structure

The Form Tutor is a key person who not only takes the attendance register, but is the first point of contact for many of the issues that affect students. Form Tutors ensure that each individual student receives full guidance and support to achieve their maximum potential. The Form Tutor’s role is particularly important, especially at times when students may be facing demands and stress in their life.

The Pastoral Department at Oak Tree High School is committed to ensuring that the emotional health and wellbeing of young people are well looked after. The department encourages students to express their feelings and build on their confidence and emotional resilience, thereby enabling them to learn in a conducive environment in which they learn and engage.

Student Council

At Oak Tree High School, the Student Council aims to help establish and maintain a stimulating atmosphere in the school, by providing an official voice through which students’ opinions are expressed.

The Student Council plays an important part in the life of the School and discusses issues raised by the students, as well as overseeing charity and social events and supporting development of original, creative and innovative ideas of every individual in the school.

Support and Inclusion

At Oak Tree High School, we are committed to developing an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all of our students, whatever their needs or abilities. However, we are unable at this moment in time to cater fully for the needs of SEN and disabled students.

Careers, Education and Guidance

The Careers Education and Guidance programme at Oak Tree High School prepares young girls to make informed and realistic career decisions, not only in education, but also in employment and training. This is designed to help students think about their future careers by encouraging them to assess their own abilities, needs and interests realistically and by giving them ideas and information about further education, apprentices that will lead to them making an informed choice about their careers..

Work Experience

All Year 10 students have the opportunity of a one week work experience, where they get an insight into the world of employment. Students in Year 10 and 11 have the opportunity to acquire interviews with the local 6th form and FE Colleges who provide individual impartial advice based on student interests and needs.

Equal Opportunities

Oak Tree High School is committed to supporting, developing and promoting equality and diversity in all of its practices and activities. We aim to establish an inclusive culture free from discrimination and based upon the values of dignity, courtesy and respect.

GCSE Results

OTHS is one of the highest achieving schools in Sheffield, the GCSE results over the past years has seen pupils achieve. 72% of our students achieved at least 5 A**- C that included English and Maths.

We have had many success stories from students who have progressed and further developed their own potential by moving onto Further and Higher education, including pupils offered places at Universities studying Medicine, Pharmacy, Teaching and Architecture. Past students are now making contributions to the welfare of the school as volunteers.

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