OTHS places great emphasis on the pastoral care of its pupils, as well as that of the staff and parents. Our school aims to provide a happy, caring and safe environment in which the academic, physical and spiritual development of each pupil is promoted. All pupils are encouraged to behave in a responsible manner, showing respect, courtesy and consideration at all times in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet. We have very high expectations of our pupils in this regard and all children are encouraged to act as Ambassadors for Islam.

Form Tutors

At the secondary school the form tutor is central to the pastoral system; she is the first point of contact for students each morning. Each Form Tutor helps their pupils to develop their particular talents, interests and needs and promotes first-class relations between staff and pupils. This is achieved within a positive environment for the benefit of the individual, the school and the wider community. Positive reinforcement is combined with a firm discipline policy, which consists of rewards and consequences. In addition, weekly assemblies cover a wide range of topics to develop strong Islamic personalities and community values.

Student Shura (student council)

OTHS places importance on the ‘student voice’ it is for this purpose that the Student Shura was established, this provides the pupils with a sense of ownership of the school and helps reinforce a strong Islamic ethos.